About Us

While most insurance companies are in business primarily to make a profit, Brethren Insurance Services is a not-for-profit provider that exists to offer quality health insurance for its members. Insurance staff members work hard at forming positive customer relationships so that members do not feel like a number or statistic.

Brethren Insurance Services provides ancillary coverage for ministers and other employees of congregations, districts, and camps. Medical and ancillary plans are available to Brethren-affiliated employer groups. To be eligible to participate in most of these services, employees must work at least 20 hours a week and enroll within 31 days of their hire date. Enrollment information about the plans for which you are eligible is available through your human resources manager.

Medicare Supplement insurance is offered to Medicare-eligible employees who work 20 or more hours per week at a participating employer with fewer than 20 employees, as well as their Medicare-eligible spouses. This insurance is also available to Medicare-eligible retirees of a Church of the Brethren-affiliated employer, as well as their Medicare-eligible spouses, widows, or widowers.

In addition, Long-Term Care insurance is available to all Church of the Brethren employees and members, as well as their families and friends.

Please contact us for detailed information about the products and services we can offer and customize for you and/or your employer. We are delighted to be of service to you. 

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